Photographer | @Talisho
Creative Director | Icarius De Menezes

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Italy, as the absolute protagonist of COVID-19 alongside China, this historic moment will never be forgotten.

Contradictory to Italy, the world’s largest and best luxury producer, on the other side China, the largest and richest consumer is suffering from viral contamination.

Everything is changing very quickly in the last weeks, economically to social thanks to COVID-19. At Instagram, desperate “teleconferences” during quarantine days in Italy are a new trend. People are isolated. Empty cities.
A situation of global chaos, with maximum tranquility in the streets of historic Italian cities.
Unlike other large-scale interruptions, this has no end that can be predicted. Cancer, hurricanes, earthquakes and blackouts have a short lifespan; everyone waits for the problem to pass and then begins reconstruction and a quick return to daily life.
European borders are closed.
This is global and cannot be compared to other diseases such as pneumonia, malaria or dengue, which are local or tropical problems. This is GLOBAL and the worst INVISIBLE.
This is the biggest crisis the world has experienced since the last World War and September 11 in terms of economic and drastic changes. This is a fact.

The block of borders in the European countries bordering Italy, and the panic that came from China. “Pandemic”, a word never heard of until then of the new generations. Besides the unprecedented experience in the life of Italians, the fact that they were forced by the government to be at home, everything interrupted overnight their dreams, and their daily battles linked to the strong word “lavoro”. A hierarchical word constantly quoted by the respected Made in Italy.
The hope and the proof of a united and extremely positive people is born in the fight against an invisible form with contamination and death.
A situation never foreseen by humanity.