Photographer | Debby Gram
Art Director and Stylist | Icarius De Menezes

All chairs DRIADE, MOON


Italian furniture brand DRIADE has worked with Studio Nucleo to transform some of its most iconic pieces into 3D-printed versions fit for future life on the moon.

In the lead up to the 50-year-anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Driade has collaborated with Italian writer Gianluigi Ricuperati – asking him what will outdoor design look like on the moon?

He tasked Studio Nucleo – a group of artists and designers from Turin led by Piergiorio Robino – with reinterpreting four of Driade’s bestselling designs by Philippe Starck, Naoto Fukasawa and Italian artist and furniture designer Enzo Mari.


Using 3D printing methods, they recreated each piece using a soft sand similar to regolith – the layer of dust, soil and broken rock that covers the moon’s rocky surface.

“I asked Piergiorgio of Studio Nucleo to think about the incredible heritage of Driade,” said Ricuperati. “We agreed that outdoor furniture for the moon or Mars was something capable of producing wonder while keeping a relationship with the past, so they created these astonishing homage artworks.”

The pieces has been showed during this year’s Milan Design Week, in an installation designed by Ricuperati, together with design agency Institute for Production of Wonder, and designers Studio Nucleo, Barbara De Micheli and Maurizio Cilli.










Models | Laurie Harding
Tuur Sikkink | I Love Models Management Milan
Grooming | Laura Rinaldi | MH Artist
Art Retouch | Carlos Mesquita – Influxus
Coordinator | Andrea Bassi
Photographer Assistant | Savana Matarazzo
Assistant | Leonor Proença de Carvalho
Location | Studio Driade – Italian Creation Group

Special Thanks Lorenzo Glavici | Sonia Guareschi